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shadowalex alekornev at yandex.ru
Thu Nov 11 23:46:21 MST 2010

Ok, I think November,22 is fine. 
That experienced guy is really needed :D  Then he can help with the
process. ANyway, we have available places and he is really welcome.
 Still we need conformation from everyone who wants to participate. As
for me, I'm ready to be very quick with my moves. Every working day or
at least once in two days. The only period I will probably be off is New
Year holidays here in Russia from January,1 to January,10 (not because
we drink so heavily  8) here but because I'll go on holiday) and still I
will try to be online as much as possible at that time.
 Question for those who are in: which side would you like to take?
Ottoman, Hapsburg, England, France, Pope, Protestant. Consider that
playing Ottoman or Protestant is easier for starting players while
playing Hapsburg is perhaps the most challenging. Those who do not have
any preferences will be assigned with what is left . If more than one
side is left - by random dice roll.

Thank you,

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