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DrNostromo drnostromo at drnostromo.com
Mon Nov 15 06:47:14 MST 2010

> 1.I enabled the "Draw Specific Cards" function for the deck, but am
> unable to add the selected card to the player's hand. Is there
> something I overlooked or does this part require some coding?

If active on the deck, you right-click the deck and select "Draw
Specific Cards" to get a list of cards in the deck. Selecting a card in
the list will place that card on the top of the deck. You can then drag
the top card to the player's hand.

> 2. Despite using the card game tutorial, I couldn't find a specific
> answer as to whether or not the opposing player is supposed to be able
> to interact with the first players deck/cards on the field. If so, can
> I prevent it?

You should be able to use a Restrict Access trait on the cards. For each
of the cards in player 1's stack, you would have a Restrict Access trait
that only allows the cards to be selected by player 1. This would
prevent player 2 from drawing the cards nor would player 2 be able to
turn over a card or have access to any menu items on the cards.

> 3. If I place player 1's deck at the bottom of the screen and player
> 2's at the top, do they stay that way for both players or does player
> 2's view show his/her deck at the bottom?

Orientation is fixed so that the view is the same for each player.

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