[messages] [Opponents Wanted] Newbie Seeking SPQR Game

pseg pseg1218 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 15 07:06:37 MST 2010

Hi All,

I'm looking for someone to play SPQR using Vassal.  I'm new to both
Vassal and SPQR, so please keep this in mind when considering playing
with me (ie, you may need some patience).  I have a copy of the 3rd
edition (2008) rules.  PBEM is good, but if someone wants to use
real-time/Skype options I would consider that since I'm new and it may
be easier.

I'm also up to playing other games along the same lines (so-called
classical/ancient warfare themes) if there are no takers for SPQR.  But
again, I'll have to undergo a learning curve.


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