[messages] [Feature Requests] Alignment tools within Irregular Grid

randyshipp randyshipp at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 09:28:38 MST 2010

I'm doing some work on a module that has a lot of spaces, both on the
map and on player aid cards.  I'd like to set up Irregular Grids to make
pieces snap neatly into place on these, but it's a TON of spaces.  It
would be an unbelievable labor saver if the region setup screen offered
a few tools to align these points.  One could, perhaps, rubber-band
select a group of region points and choose an alignment button to make
them all have the same Y-coordinate or X-coordinate, neatly putting them
in a row.  Then I would only have to line up one of the points and snap
the rest of that row into alignment with it.

An alternative which would be almost as good would be to allow the
selection of multiple region points and have the positioning dialog come
up allowing a one-shot setting of either the X- or Y-coordinates.

Thanks for the great tool!


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