[messages] [Module Support] Merchant of Venus: Critical Bug--> HELP!

Cardshark1029 aaron.riggan at student.oc.edu
Thu Nov 18 06:36:53 MST 2010

I recently published my first module: Merchant of Venus.
I'm in playtesting with 4 other people and I encountered a critical bug:
When one of the "First Contact" markers is revealed, the first player
who set up the game can do it fine, while no one else can.
When the action is called, the token is supposed to be flipped over, a
different token is sent to the same spot and the "First Contact" marker
is sent to the player's hand.
BUT only the first player can do it. If anyone else tries, it simply
flips the marker over without doing any of the other tasks.

Steps to recreate bug:
1. Start new game, join any side
2. Click "Random setup"
3. On the Main Map, right-click any "first contact" marker and select
"reveal culture" --> This is how the behavior should look.
4. retire and become an observer
5. Go to preferences and change your personal password
6. rejoin as a different side
7. Right click on any "first contact" marker and select "reveal culture"
--> this is the problem behavior

I know that it has something to do with gamepiece ownership, but I have
no idea of ANYWHERE to begin to fix this.
Any help would be appreciated: I'm starting to get desperate!

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