[messages] [Module Design] Re: Placing a marker from the toolbar

zgrose zgrose at me.com
Thu Nov 18 09:02:34 MST 2010

Well, that's the thing, I don't want the piece commands to be triggered.
Example: There are 2 squads in a stack. I'd like a button to place a
single Fired on top of the 2 squads. If I simply give a CTRL-F to the
selected counters, I'll end up with 2 Fired counters (the same as if I'd
just pressed CTRL-F on the stack without the toolbar menu).

Conceptually a bit like Return To Deck where something is applied to a
collection rather than applied to the children of the collection. I
suspect the feature doesn't exist though.

I guess I'll just go with a common marker bucket like VASL.

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