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DrNostromo drnostromo at drnostromo.com
Tue Nov 23 09:22:46 MST 2010

As I was looking at some of your game pieces in the editor, the first
thing I noticed is that you have the trait order backwards. Traits are
activated from the bottom of the list upward ...not from the top
downward. For example:

Culture Token - Nillis

You have the "Trigger Action - Culture Revealed Script" above the traits
this trigger should activate. The traits on the piece should be listed
in this order

SGP - Say 1a has been revealed [Triggered on CTRL SHIFT Z]
SGP - Define location of 1a Factory Goods [CTRL Z]
SGP - Define location of 1a Factory [CTRL Z]
STL - Send to Calling Piece [CTRL S]
TA - Culture Revealed Script [Sends triggers CTRL S, CTRL Z, CTRL SHIFT
Then the two Markers.

Until you get the trait orders fixed on all your game components, you're
going to have all kinds of problems so I won't be able to address your
problem above as I'm not sure if it's a trait order or not ...or if it's
even a problem.

I was also wondering why you would switch user name and passwords in a
game. If you're just trying to playtest the game, then start the game
and when you get the splash screen, click Cancel. The game will still
open and you can use any player side without having to create a username
and password.

When I tried this, I had no problems with switching sides and revealing
the cultures.

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