[messages] [Module Design] Place Marker, or something else?

natural20 sultan_of_dorkistan at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 23 19:12:39 MST 2010

The module I'm working on uses cards as units: when it's in your hand
it's a card, but when it's on the table it's a unit. So I want to be
able to add a "health token" to a card when it becomes a unit, and it
want that token to be linked to the card, so when I move the unit the
token moves also. My instinct is to give the card the Place Marker
property, so that when activated a blood drop image with a text label
appears somewhere on the card.

In practice this fails, the Marker only appears when masked, no matter
where I place the marker in the property list (either above or below the
Mask property). Am I missing something, is there a glitch, or should I
use a different property?

If it matters, my "cards" aren't from a deck, but rather from the Game
Pieces palette (but they are otherwise identical to cards: Basic Piece
and Mask properties only).

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