[messages] [Module Design] Place Marker, or something else?

Michael Kiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Wed Nov 24 05:38:47 MST 2010

First off, I would have used a layer trait instead of a marker, so that it
is always with the card.  The layer can be triggered when placed on the
map.  If the layer is above the mask trait, it should not be visible when
masked.  The mask trait has no effect on markers however.

- M.

On 23 November 2010 22:12, natural20 <sultan_of_dorkistan at yahoo.com> wrote:

> The module I'm working on uses cards as units: when it's in your hand
> it's a card, but when it's on the table it's a unit. So I want to be
> able to add a "health token" to a card when it becomes a unit, and it
> want that token to be linked to the card, so when I move the unit the
> token moves also. My instinct is to give the card the Place Marker
> property, so that when activated a blood drop image with a text label
> appears somewhere on the card.
> In practice this fails, the Marker only appears when masked, no matter
> where I place the marker in the property list (either above or below the
> Mask property). Am I missing something, is there a glitch, or should I
> use a different property?
> If it matters, my "cards" aren't from a deck, but rather from the Game
> Pieces palette (but they are otherwise identical to cards: Basic Piece
> and Mask properties only).
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