[messages] [Module Design] I have a simple question about global key commands and decks

radchad radchadgooey at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 24 20:32:15 MST 2010

I am stuck. I am trying to make a global key command that will move
cards from several decks to several other decks.

The purpose is to redistribute a set of cards in between rounds so that
they are in different positions. So far, I have been able to send the
top card from a deck to a different deck (although my solution seems
pretty inefficient.) 

What | want to do is to send all of deck B to all of deck A, then all of
deck C into all of deck B, then all of deck D into all of deck C.

The problem that I am having is that I can't figure out how to get the
global key command to send a command to decks, not individual cards. I
thought that I could just send a keystroke and that would work, but it
does not seem to. So my question is:
How do I get a global key command to command a deck to move its contents
to another deck?

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