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This is not really possible and I would describe what you're seeing as a

Is this a fairly simple module?

- M.

On 25 November 2010 10:34, DrNostromo <drnostromo at drnostromo.com> wrote:

> If two people are connected to a game, is it possible for the value of a
> Global Property to be different between the two players?
> The reason I ask, is because I'm making a module of the old French card
> game, Mille Bornes and I've run across an interesting glitch.
> Each player has an area on the table top to place their mileage cards.
> When a card is placed, a trigger automatically updates the total miles
> among all the cards in his mileage area and displays the total. This
> display uses a label trait that displays the global property of that
> player's current miles traveled.
> It works fine. However, if I place a mileage card in my mileage area,
> the total updates and displays properly. But, what my friend sees is a
> quick flash of the total mileage and then it resets back to zero. Vice
> versa, if he plays a mileage card, his display is fine but I still see
> zero miles. Since this label is directly linked to the value of a Global
> Property, how can the display be different on the two machines?
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