[messages] [Developers] Re: release candidate for 3.1.15

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Fri Nov 26 05:10:23 MST 2010

Thus spake DrNostromo:
> I'm having problems with the Windows version of svn 7470. I sent in a
> bug report.

Thanks. The thing which was failing after you started VASSAL was the total
RAM check. We have to use some native code (via JNA) to do that on Windows,
and that code wasn't being called corectly. This is fixed now.

> During installation, Vassal tells me my Java is not upgraded to
> 1.6.0_22. I'm already running that version (as shown in the bug report).
> Thinking that perhaps there may be something wrong with my version of
> Java, I told Vassal to go ahead and install the update. However, the
> Java download failed (don't know if that's Vassal or Java fault,
> though).

I'm looking into this problem now.


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