[messages] [Module Support] Re: Out of Synch Global Properties?

DrNostromo drnostromo at drnostromo.com
Fri Nov 26 05:47:17 MST 2010

Softbug said:

> I think that you must contact him before any diffusion of your module
> ...

I planned on that. I was just making it for personal use at this time.
Once I get a smooth running version, I'm going to contact the owners. I
hadn't researched who to contact yet so thanx for the link.

mkiefte said:

> Can you post a copy?

I've probably overwritten the problem copy with changes and the new
version hasn't been tested yet to see if the aberration is still
present. My buddy would have the problem copy as it was the last one we
played with online. Soon as I catch him online, I'll get that copy from
him and post it.

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