[messages] [Developers] Re: Sending patch up-stream?

danmey wojciech.meyer at gmail.com
Sat Nov 27 04:56:57 MST 2010

Thanks for the quick and very positive reply!

> We look forward to it. What are you working on?
Maybe a small background information.

We've been using VASSAL engine successfuly for quite while in our RPG
Skype meetings, and we think it is a great tool for that purpose. One
of us even created a generic RPG module for VASSAL.  That's said I am
a programmer, and my RPG mates possibly could have a stream of small
improvements to the VASSAL engine which might go through me.  I'd need
to ask specificly Filip about a list of things I could work on, as we
already spoke about it.  It'd would be just faster (and more fun) if I
just implemented it, rather than making it a feature request, obviously
I will ask you if you are OK for me to work on this feature before.
So let me post later the list, and see if I could look at it.

BTW: I assume that the forum the only way to communicate with you and
there is not mailing list?

Wojciech Meyer

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