[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Re: Black border lines appearing on images.

uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Sat Nov 27 07:13:39 MST 2010

"Robbie" wrote:
> I think I have resolved my problem, but I am far from understanding
> what has been going on.
> The method I used for creating the image files was to create a XCF
> file using GIMP with several layers, some of which were redundant to
> the final image and were therefore turned off but not deleted. The
> image was then saved as a GIF file.
> By a process of elimination it would appear that if I delete the
> unused layers in the XCF file and then save as a GIF file I no longer
> have the problem.
> So although I have solved the problem I do not understand it, I am
> specifically perplexed as to why I was seeing the black edge lines but
> others who loaded the extension did not – I would be interested in
> any thoughts.

Could you post both the offending GIF and the XCF file here, so we can
have a look at them?

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