[messages] [Module Support] Vassal 50k 5.4-D module problems

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Sat Nov 27 12:54:10 MST 2010

Thus spake ulrik:
> Dear Vassal,
> I've found some visual priority/placement problems between terrain and
> models (non-army related models, such as objective markers, deployment
> zone models, etc.). These non-army models/counters are always forced
> behind the terrain in such a way that the terrain blocks me from being
> able to see these models/counter. For example, with the Tau Objects,
> when I try to place an objective flag in the garbage pile, when i
> release the left mouse during click and drag, the objective flag goes
> underneath the garbage pile completely. The same is true when I place a
> deployment zone through such terrain; the terrain will overlap the
> deployment zone marker. If you need further clarification, I can
> printscreen these for you. 

You should report this problem to the V40K maintainers, at

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