[messages] [Module Support] World at War (Lock'n'Load) module issues and fixes

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Sat Nov 27 14:45:40 MST 2010

Thus spake pmiranda:
> Noticed 4 issues with the module:
> 1. The module is lacking a "hide units" button
> FIX: Under "Main Map [Map Window]", add [Hide Pieces Button] (cut and
> paste from another module)
> 2. The LOS are not calculated from center to center
> FIX: Under "Main Map [Map Window] - [Line of Sight Thread]", properties,
> check both "force thread" checkboxes.
> 3. 18th AVA Formation entry in the TOE: the TOE shows 2 activation
> markers, when there should be only one.
> FIX: The graphical file should be corrected.
> 4. 1-32 Formation (BnB extension): The M60-A3 counters do not show up
> when you hover the mouse over a stack.
> FIX (to be confirmed): I added the "Prototype - Units" trait to the
> M60-A3 piece.

Have you contacted the module maintainer about these problems? His email
address is on the module page.


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