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uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Mon Nov 29 11:17:55 MST 2010

"mkiefte" wrote:
> The way Replace.matchTraits works right now, the traits have to be in
> the same order in both the original and replacing GamePiece.  This
> isn't very intuitive and it's not documented.
> If traits are not in the same order, it is very difficult to predict
> which ones will be updated and it depends on whether there are
> prototypes or not. The fix is easy but I don't think it's been
> reported as a bug.  It's pretty annoying and I'm sure people have been
> annoyed by this before me.  Are there any objections to a patch for
> this?

I see that nobody commented on this. Do you still intend to patch it?
Are there any problems this would raise?

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