[messages] [Feature Requests] Re: Minor issue - Return to Deck Trait

uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Mon Nov 29 12:32:13 MST 2010

"DrNostromo" wrote:
> This is a minor issue and is more cosmetic than a bug.
> The Return to Deck trait is misleading in that, by it's name, it
> implies it would be used to return a card back to it's originating
> deck. In actuality the trait can be used to send a card to any deck.
> This issue has come up a couple times when I've been helping new
> designers figure things out. I would suggest changing the name of the
> trait from 
> Return to Deck
> to
> Send to Deck

Hey, guys? Can I get some comments on this? Would anyone object if I
made this change in 3.2.0?

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