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GreenBear mac at greenbear.ca
Tue Nov 30 08:37:24 MST 2010

Hi Again,

I seem to be having a problem with Place Marker and can't figure out

Here is the background on the problem...
I have an artillery unit that I want to have a menu option of "Support
Battle" which, when chosen, will Place Marker with an ammunition icon
that the player can then drag (separate from the artillery unit) to the
hex of the battle being supported.

The problem is that though I have offset the Place Marker, it still
seems to snap to the center of the hex that it both initially appears on
and when dragged to the battle hex.  I am trying to get it to be more
free floating for ease of movement and for a clear indication of what it
actually is...but no matter what I do, it still seems to snap to the
center (actually, just a little below and to the left of center).

While I am on the same matter.  I would also like that when the player
does select this "Support Battle" option, the artillery's ammunition
(which is a layer item attached to the piece) to decrease by one...can't
seem to get that to work either?

Any help is appreciated.

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