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cgmclellan cgmclellan2000 at knology.net
Fri Oct 1 20:27:06 MST 2010

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Let's see.

Keep in mind that I am not computer literate; so don't laugh too loud
about this....

In ADC2 each hex (or square) has a number. The numbers begin in the
upper left and go left to right and then down a row and left to right
again and repeat. I think that all things revolve around this number. If
a map grid is established, perhaps the grid coordinate replaces this
number, but perhaps not also. Then that hex number is used to place map
things and units and markers. So, hex number A has Primary Terrain,
Secondary Terrain, Place Name, Additional Attritubes, Hex Lines and Hex
Sides. These are fixed in the game and cannot be moved. Then Hex A could
also have several moveable units and markers. 

Essentially then the problem is to get the $Location$ from PLace Name
rather than grid coordinate or Hex Number. You need a switch to tell the
import program from which source to draw $location$ name -- grid
coordinate or place name. I think the tie between the two may be that
ADC2 hex number.

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