[messages] [Module Design] At-Start Stack - any easy way to create?

demoss demoss at stanfordalumni.org
Mon Oct 4 17:22:40 MST 2010

I've got a module I'm working on that has a ton of pieces in the
palette.  Is there any easy way to create At-Start Stacks, given an
existing (large) Game Piece Palette?  The best I can come up with is
copying units one-by-one from the palette to the stack, which is rather
painful as one has to scroll back and forth for each piece.  

If I could have two views of the module editor open in separate windows,
it would help a LOT with that (and many other things - it would be
generally handy to be able to see one part of the object list while
working on another), but I don't know if that's currently possible. 
It's the repeated scrolling that really gets me here.


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