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Tim M timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 4 20:20:47 MST 2010

"cgmclellan" wrote:
> I am going to need to explain myself better in regards to the map.
> It is not the "image" of a map that I want to use in another module,
> it is the grid coordinates. The map images are the same in both
> modules.
> As I reported once before, the supply units in an Afrika Korps module
> imported from ADC2 were not imported correctly. Both the German and
> the Allied supply units used the same image -- the German one. I did
> not discover this until after I had gone over the whole Afrika Korp
> map -- all 2500+ hexes -- establishing the grid coordinates as
> irregular grid. This is an exhaustive, manual task requiring many
> strokes to change a single coordinate -- well over 50,000 clicks. I
> changed the Symbol Names in the ADC2 module and imported the module
> again. Now the units are correct, but this map does not have the grid
> coordinates that I laboriously established on the former AK map. 
> I do not want to go through the process of doing all those coordinates
> again. 
> Is there any way to transfer the map with the grid coordinates (or
> just the coordinates) from one map to the other?

So as not to have to redo the map again, or have to do a build edit
(would not recommend for vassal novices), instead take your 2nd created
version with the corrected units, unzip it and grab the correct images
you need and replace them as needed in your original module creation by
using the module editor. 

Just go to the piece with the incorrect image, double click the
image/basic piece/layer/whatever and replace with the correct one.

That would probably be a lot less work unless we are talking 50+ messed
up counters, less than 30 or so though this would be a lot quicker and
easiest solution

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