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Michael Kiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Tue Oct 5 05:03:49 MST 2010

I understand where you're coming from Joel.  However, the current code works
and there's nothing really wrong with it other than it's unpleasant to look
at.  Might it not be easier just to hack something in?

I know that sounds bad, but, really, this issue has been hanging over us for
years(?).  Didn't Tim or someone have a partial implementation already?

- M.

On 5 October 2010 08:49, Joel Uckelman <uckelman at nomic.net> wrote:

> Thus spake Thomas Russ:
> >
> > It looks like the native Vassal module includes custom code for
> > handling the oblique hex grid numbering system.  [Is that planned to
> > migrate into the main Vassal trunk, or are there too few classic
> > Avalon Hill games to make it worthwhile?]
> >
> It's something which people ask for enough that it should become a standard
> part of VASSAL eventually.
> A good time to do that would be when the hex grid code is next reworked.
> It's an awful mess presently---it contains a lot of cut-and-paste code
> and dodgy math---but it's also rather self-contained, so wouldn't be that
> big of a job for somebody who wanted to do it.
> The code needs to be sepearated into more parts:
> * An interface for hex grid numberings
> * Concrete implementations of hex grid numberings
> * An interface for classes which draw hex grid numberings
> * A class for hex grids
> * An interface for classes which draw hex grids
> * Concrete implementations of classes which draw hex grids
> Essentially what I'm envisioning is that you'd implement the
> HexGridNumbering
> interface for each different numbering scheme you wanted, and then a
> HexGrid
> would have a HexGridNumbering as a member. A good start would be to do just
> this part. I don't have time for it right now myself, but this would be a
> great small project for someone who would like to contribute.
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