[messages] [Feature Requests] Re: ADC2 to VASSAL Coversion

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Oct 5 05:24:56 MST 2010

Thus spake Michael Kiefte:
> I understand where you're coming from Joel.  However, the current code works
> and there's nothing really wrong with it other than it's unpleasant to look
> at.  Might it not be easier just to hack something in?

I'll bet that it wouldn't be hard to find a whole slew of corner cases
in the current code which don't work. If I were going to do this myself,
I wouldn't be able to add a new grid numbering without disentangling all
the parts first, because without doing that I wouldn't be able to test
that the new code worked or that I hadn't broken the old code.

This must be disentangled when we do the model/view separation anyway,
so if somebody is going to work on it, this will make the code more
> I know that sounds bad, but, really, this issue has been hanging over us for
> years(?).  Didn't Tim or someone have a partial implementation already?

Well, that doesn't make it not an issue.

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