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GiorgioClavelli giorgio.clavelli at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 21:40:19 MST 2010

I and Ray are in contact and will start to play asap. I went through
most the the rules and I have to admit it is pretty dense. It is written
very well, but there lots of 'if' which will take quite a bit to sink in
my simple mind :)
tyvek I understood your gaming schedule is very full, but if you will be
able to fit it in, a 'live' session (with either me or Ray, or both if
our timezones (+10) will allow it)) will surely greatly speed up our
learning time.

BTW, Ray that it is true also for just the 2 of us, as there are several
interactions during a turn and exchanging PBEM files for each of them
will  slow down our learning quite a lot. Also I see the vassal module
doesn't support solo games unfortunately. I may try to add the 'Solo'
feature to it, but can't promise how long it will take me. I'm just
creating my first vassal module and I have a pretty good idea how to do


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