[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] map fails to drag--drag stack sometimes only moves top

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Wed Oct 6 02:30:02 MST 2010

Thus spake scs:
> If I try to drag the map to show a different part of it, a black
> rectangular outline is displayed, with one
> corner where I originally clicked and the opposite corner at the current
> mouse
> location. If I release the mouse button the rectangle is gone and the
> map is
> exactly as it was when I started trying to drag. I don't know if some
> operation
> while the rectangle is showing will do something dramatic and useless to
> it,
> e.g. zoom, turn it solid black, etc.

This isn't a bug. What you're seeing is the selection rectangle. If you
want to scroll the map, use the scroll bars or your mouse wheel.

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