[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Re: map fails to drag--drag stack sometimes only moves top

scs sstrait1 at san.rr.com
Wed Oct 6 03:57:19 MST 2010

Thanks for the prompt reply. I was very worried that I had found some
obscure and painful way
to trash VASSAL, Java, or my system. It's also helpful to know that the
mouse wheel scrolls the map vertically.
The roller-mouse isn't good with vertical scroll bars at the right edge
of a full screen. It drifts out of calibration
repeatedly just enough that you can't reach the bar. Then you have to
find a click-safe spot on the right edge of its current
range to bump, which tells it to expand its horizontal range.

I wasn't too worried that there was a VASSAL bug. The general quality of
Vassal and the tone of the discussions on the
forum made it seem like a bug of such a nature would have been
discovered by one of the regulars and pounced on by
slightly horrified developers. (Same for the stack motion complaint, by
the way.)

Since I was more comfortable "improperly" scrolling the map by dragging
it, I wonder whether there's an easy way for me to
get this back.  It seems probable (?) but unfortunate that a Java update
fixed some misbehavior, possibly related to
roller-mice, that sent VASSAL scroll-wheel data when I clicked and
dragged away from game pieces(?). I'm not asking the developers
to research this or put it in as a feature, but if it's something
someone already knows about I'd be very happy.

I'm wondering whether something equally fishy outside of VASSAL is
making stacks not drag consistently. If it's Java, maybe
they fixed one thing and broke another. It's likely to be somewhat
specific to my configuration, whatever it is. FWIW, my
middle mouse button SEEMS to double-click everywhere but VASSAL, which
probably means for everything but Java.

Thanks very much.

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