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tyvek wgwgreen at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 6 06:31:58 MST 2010


This is possible.  I am typically up in the morning and going by 5:45,
which would be 3:45 in the afternoon for you.  Might I suggest that
sometime this week you two create the game room, and set up your
factions.  Once your factions are set then I could join your game.  One
aspect of "playing live" on VASSAL is that you can also "pause the game"
~ saving it, then pick it back up at a later point.  

This will most likely need to happen, as the learning curve for this
game is high ~ and you are right the rules are well-written, yet very

Saturday morning is also a possibility for me ~ my time (California)
from 6:30-8am.  Though the game will be "live" it most likely will need
to be "sliced up" into smaller "bite sized" pieces.  Translated, this
means that the game is long ~ especially when you are beginning, and
playing for say, an hour here, pausing the game, and picking it back up
later to play, then pausing again, and so forth.

How does that sound?


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