[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Re: Help, Vassal won't load the game board

Tim M timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 6 15:03:48 MST 2010

"MikeH" wrote:
> It seems like the board is about to load, and I think as far as Vassal
> knows, everything has loaded fine.  For instance, this is what it
> looks like when i try to load a new scenario:
>  - BattleLore version 1.2
>  - Extension CalltoArms v1.0 loaded 
>  - Extension Epic_Battle v1.6 loaded 
>  - Extension Medieval_Wars v1.2 loaded 
>  - Loading 01-Agincourt ...
>  - Loaded 01-Agincourt
> The game asks me which side to join, resizes the main window(which it
> has always done), lags a bit as if loading(as it has always done), but
> then simply fails to load the game board.  I've been running this
> version of Vassal for about a month with no problems.
> Any thoughts on what this might be?  Any help would be greatly
> appriciated.

This sounds like the map resizing window bug (which has been around
forever and never fixed).

When your window resizes is your window being filled entirely by the
chat part of the window (type something in the window to see where the
text appears when you hit enter)? 
If it is (at the bottom), that is the problem - you need to drag the
horizontal bar at the bottom of the chat window up to reveal the map.
The board is loading - you just can't see it when the map window is
resizing itself

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