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Timothy Mccarron timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
Fri Oct 8 07:25:03 MST 2010

Not really (except by an admin), but users do not see the file pages unless they 
really try to find them, their access to files is through the module page that 
you should have linked the file to.

 (just in case you ask, this is done by editing the files section on the 
associated module page you are uploading files for and replacing the entries 
there / or adding new entries for your new files)


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Subject: [messages] [Module General Discussion] Unused Module Files

Can an old file be Deleted from the Files page?

I have upload multiple files using the same name so there is confusion
as to which is the current version. I have gone back and renamed and
reloaded the current files, but the Files page still contains the old,
now unused files. Is there any way to remove these obsolete files?

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