[messages] [Module Design] <name>_Facing property help needed

Parduz pardpubb at infinito.it
Fri Oct 8 07:36:07 MST 2010

I saw this property in the Wiki, but i'm unable to use it.
I'd want:
1) A report action that show the current facing of a card (call it
2) Rotate a card (call it SLAVE) so it have the same facing of the

How facing is affected by pivoting a card, instead of rotating it? Any
chance that, if i have both the pivot and rotate traits, i can do one of
the two actions and still have a "valid" facing property?

Sorry if i'm asking an already answered question... I searched the whole
forum, but the search function "eats" the underscore in "_facing" and so
i've got too much results.... the ones i read are not about that

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