[messages] [Module Design] Re: At-Start Stack - any easy way to create?

scs sstrait1 at san.rr.com
Mon Oct 11 16:13:05 MST 2010

I'm probably going to edit a copy of the buildfile for Stalingrad to
make a variant, but I noticed that adding a few pieces
using the module editor required extra steps  for the at-start stack.
Looking at the changes to the buildfile, I noticed that the new
pieces, like the originals, all appeared twice.

While I don't like the idea of having
every piece appear twice, I have the impression that using Predefined
Setups will force me to drag every piece out of a Game
Piece Palette.  I've tried doing that just a little and don't think I
can do it accurately or quickly.  I'm not understanding the GUI
very well at all. Among other things, there seems to be a very narrow
extra scrollbar with a dashed appearance
that I need to use to scroll through the pieces, but it isn't always
present and it is really hard to hit accurately and drag.
All this is more likely user error than bugs or design error, but I
still may have to avoid the issue.

Anyway, advice about editing buildfiles would be nice. In particular, I
don't have any idea how to check that I've accomplished a valid edit. So
far I've noticed that all the pieces have a unique ID (or two of them
if they appear twice) and that there is a "next piece" value that should
be set to the last ID+1. I'm likely to use a script
to edit a copy of the buildfile. I'm sure I'll be looking at diffs
between the old and new buildfiles.

Anyone is welcome to try to talk me into doing things differently. Even
if I'm not persuaded, you'll focus my attention on the
hazards of my methods and probably help me a lot.

BTW, there hadn't been any forum posts for a while when I was writing
this. I hope everything is OK.

Thanks very much

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