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eekamouse joel.eddy at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 23:56:39 MST 2010

Here is the scenario: I want to keep a running total of the "Honor
value" of the cards in a player's personal deck.

I've given all the cards a Maker of "Honor = 0", "Honor = 1".... "Honor
= 8", etc... 

I have then enabled the deck to count pieces, with the following
expressions "ZeroHonor: Honor = 0", "OneHonor: Honor = 1"....
"EightHonor: Honor = 8", etc....

I then added an At-Start Stack to the player's personal hand window, and
then added a single piece to the to the At-Start Stack.

The At-Start Stack has a text label, with the following expression:

$Player1_Deck_OneHonor$ + $Player1_Deck_TwoHonor$ +

Adding up all of the counts. I was hoping to be able to do something
like this...

$Player1_Deck_OneHonor$ + ($Player1_Deck_TwoHonor$ * 2) +
($Player1_Deck_ThreeHonor$ * 3)

So that it would add up all the different values and multiply them and
show the right Honor value. 

SO!!! My question is... Is there a way to get all of these properties to
"eval"/"evaluate" on the fly? :)

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