[messages] [General Discussion] Re: Combat Commander module unplayable

pmiranda pierre.miranda at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 02:31:28 MST 2010

PC: Asus Eee Box
Processor: Intel Atom CPU 330, 1.6GB
OS: Windows 7 32-bits

Module settings:
- prefer memory-mappe files: unchecked
- high quality scaling: checked
- disable DirectX: unchecked
- JVM initial heap: 256
- JVM maximum heap: 1500

Saving a log and synchronizing is extremely slow (several minutes). Some
actions, such as activating units, are also very slow (~5 seconds).
By the way, does it mean that using the P2P option would make my online
games faster?

I suspect the size of the graphical files in the module has also
something to do with its performance. They allow zooming-in a lot.

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