[messages] [Feature Requests] Mouse-Wheel Behavior

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Oct 12 04:55:23 MST 2010

Thus spake bdgza:
> I probably posted in the wrong forum, I'll try here.
> I have written some custom sub-classes for my module to change the
> mouse-wheel behavior. I understand the default VASSAL is:
> mouse-wheel = scrolling vertical
> CTRL+mouse-wheel = scrolling horizontal
> I changed it for my module to:
> mouse-wheel = scrolling vertical
> SHIFT+mouse-wheel = scrolling horizontal (the default MacOS X method)
> CTRL+mouse-wheel = zoom in/out
> Is there any reason why this should not be the standard VASSAL way of
> using the mouse-wheel in all modules? Implementing this as standard (at
> least in the MacOS X) version will allow my 2-axis scroll-wheel to
> scroll horizontal as Logitech picks up the SHIFT+mouse-wheel
> automatically. I never even knew about the CTRL+mouse-wheel for
> horizontal scrolling until I looked into making these sub-classes, I
> simply thought horizontal scrolling in VASSAL was broken.

One reason I can think of for not doing this now is that at some point,
we're going to switch to the standard navigation controls that you have
in various games and also in Google Maps:

* drag = scroll
* mousewheel = zoom
* some keys = rotate

I have my doubts that changing this now, and then changing it again in
about a year is a good idea.

What I think would be a better solution would be to make all of the key
and mouse bindings user configurable in the preferences. That way, if
you want CTRL+wheel to zoom, you can, or if you want something else, you
can have that, too.

Is this something you'd be interested in working on? If so, I can show
you how to get started with the new Preferences code for 3.2.

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