[messages] [General Discussion] Re: Combat Commander module unplayable

mkiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Tue Oct 12 12:12:26 MST 2010

I would start by stripping out many of the gamepiece traits.  However, I
would keep counter flipping (probably a layer).

That would probably get you a barebones module that works.  

It'd be kind of clunky though.  Much of the functionality exists because
it is designed for players that are not face-to-face and you'll find
yourself having to type "Cpl. Smith activates and activates everyone
withing two hexes and they all fire at hex G2."  If you're not a fast
typist, I can see that getting annoying unless you use Skype.

- M.

"pmiranda" wrote:
> > You could always *make* a bare-bones module.
> I wish I knew how...
> I sure can edit a few properties in a module, but other than that...
> Is there a simple way to make the module lighter without breaking it?
> That would definitely be worth a try.

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