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Tue Oct 12 14:49:23 MST 2010

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OK, so I have two decks in my game.... Well I have a central deck that
player's pull cards from and add to their own personal deck, so I can
really have up to 5 decks (1 central and 1 for each of 4 possible

Each card has a value, so I put a Marker on all the cards. (Honor = 1,
Honor = 2, etc... etc...), to signify their Honor value.

I then created a Game Piece Inventory Window to count all of this. Right
now it counts ALL of the cards across the game, but I want it to count
just the cards in a player's deck. I would make 4 of these windows and
make each available only to the respective side.

I tried adding some different expressions to the "Show only pieces
matching these properties" value, but can't get anything to work. It
always shows all the cards.

I've tried the following:

"Player1_Deck" which is the name of the deck.
"Player1_Hand" which is the name of the Player Hand.
"Player1_Board" which is the name of the map board in the Player Hand.

What could I be doing wrong? :)


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