[messages] Edit: [Module Design] Auto-shuffle at the module load but not always... possible?

eekamouse joel.eddy at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 00:19:09 MST 2010

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I've download a few card game modules and looked through the tutorials.

It looks like the only way to auto shuffle a deck at module load is to
check the "Always Shuffle" option. However, I do not want this. My
module has certain decks that certain cards will NEVER go into. And if
the engine auto shuffles it away, it will be a burden on the player to
dig through the deck and find the card they accidentally dropped on the
wrong deck.

It's not a huge deal. But if it's not possible, is it possible to spit
out a sort of welcome message in the chat window. I could remind
everyone to shuffle their decks etc...

Thank you.

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