[messages] [Feature Requests] Does not stack toggle hot-key?

Timothy Mccarron timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 14 13:40:37 MST 2010

You cant toggle DNS but you can toggle GPL's (game piece layers) on a piece and 
this can prevent stacking by moving the towed unit to a different/lower layer 
(because stacking only occurs on pieces within the same layer, pieces on 
different layers simply cover up the pieces from the lower layer which is not 
the same as stacking) - this does not prevent selection of the piece.

Another way to do this is to use the Replace with Other trait on the towed piece 
and have it swap out for an identical piece in a hidden piece palette which is 
identical except for having the DNS toggle on and vice versa to switch back when 
you need to stack

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Subject: [messages] [Feature Requests] Does not stack toggle hot-key?

Has there been any thought about making the Does Not Stack trait toggle

I'm working on a module that has bridges...  These bridges are "towed"
to the canal and then set.  When being towed, I want them to stack with
the towing unit.  When they are set, I want them to have the Does Not
Stack trait so other units can move over them without worrying about
accidentally picking up the bridge during movement.  I think I'm going
to build two pieces for the bridge - one with and one without this trait
- to solve the problem, but the game has 12 different types of bridges
which, according to my math, equals a pain in the ass.  I'd much prefer
a hot-key toggle.



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