[messages] [General Discussion] Re: Combat Commander module unplayable

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Fri Oct 15 06:23:36 MST 2010

Thus spake Tim M:
> Not all large modules have been uploaded yet (maybe 10 or so) due to
> their size. The link is blue if the file exists / is valid, red if it
> does not and acts just as a placeholder

Speaking of that, it would help me to have tasks like this (or, really,
any task that somebody wants done) in the bug tracker. If it's not in
the bug tracker, then I'm reduced to relying on my own memory of what
needs doing. In practice, this means that things which I don't get to
within a few days will be forgotten until somebody reminds me. The
bug tracker is a much better solution for these things, as it doesn't


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