[messages] [Module Design] Weird save issues all of a sudden...

eekamouse joel.eddy at gmail.com
Sat Oct 16 12:31:41 MST 2010


I've been designing a mod with great success so far, but I am starting
to see some strange things, with the module ignoring what's saved when I
actually try to run the module. It seems to pick and choose what changes
I am making even though when I load the module in the editor it still
has the changes I made previously. It's almost like it is just ignoring
certain changes and not others.

1) I added some Report Actions to some pieces. I originally had them
say, "<PlayerName> has sent <PieceName> to their hand". I changed it to
say "to their discard pile". But it always says to their hand. I also
checked that any of the default reports for the windows were correct
(even removing them all together), and it still keeps saying 
"<PlayerName> has sent <PieceName> to their hand", lol. I opened the
vmod in winrar and did a search for "to their hand" and it doesn't exist
in any of the build files. This is really strange!

2) On the player discard piles, I checked the enable right-click to send
all cards to another deck option. That's been working fine for a while,
but now I try to enable the draw multiple and the draw card by name
options, and they never show up. And!!!... if I disable the right click
send all cards to another deck option... it STILL shows up when I run
the mod, even though when I re-open it in the editor it shows it as
unchecked still.

Very frustrating. I hope there is a simple answer. Is there some cache
somewhere? I deleted all those temp.zip's.

Thanks again for any help!

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