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uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Sun Oct 17 10:20:59 MST 2010

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I spent the last two days researching and then setting up the things we
need for trying out BitTorrent for module distribution. Here's where
things stand now:

* Under http://www.vassalengine/torrent[1] are .torrent files for all of
the modules and module extensions which existed sometime on Saturday.
They all have the URLs of the modules in our wiki as the "web seed", so
if your BitTorrent client supports web seeds, then you can download
modules this way, without the need for any other peers. (Which is good,
since right now, you won't find any other peers.)

* There's a tracker for all of these torrents running at

* Presently, I'm downloading all of the modules to a test machine on my
LAN at home, which will act as a seed. I'm not downloading them at top
speed, so as not to further burden our server's internet connection, so
it will be a few days before I'm seeding them all. (Yes, *days*. The
modules all together are 11GB, compressed into a .tar.xz archive.)

I'd like to find some way of testing whether this is going to work as a
distribution method. What I'm envisioning is that we get several seeds
established, and then just test what kind of download speeds we get. We
probably don't need to do this with the full archive, just with a few

If this proves workable, we're going to need several volunteers who are
willing to seed the archive. It's not necessary that their machines be
online all the time, but it would help to have a few of those.

Once I have everything here, I'll post some instructions here for
getting the whole mess via BitTorrent. One thing I discovered is that
there are not many BitTorrent clients which are capable of handling 1400
torrents at once, like we'll have. Actually, transmission is the *only*
one I've found which makes this practical---the UIs for other clients,
even command-line ones, seem to expect that you'll have a number of
torrents which will fit in your scroll buffer, one per line.

[1] http://www.vassalengine/torrent
[2] http://www.vassalengine.org:6969

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