[messages] [Module Design] Re: How to display value of a Global Property in a label?

jungleboie jungleboie at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 17 14:11:31 MST 2010

$numbers$ was defined in a layer for a counter showing ship#. -this
isn't important at this time as i am just playing with it.

On the $pieceName$- this one i am trining to understand.  for one, that
is how it is spelled in the insert tab of the format part of the label
window. two, tried changing the cases, to see if if there is a typo in
my properties. i am looking to do this as most counters have a name
attached to them (Piece wise) and am looking to use the label as a
placeholder so a player can rename the counter if they like, but
graphicly would like the counter to start with the $pieceName$ on the
counter as a default.

is there a way of looking at properties as a list? so you can see what
is going on as far as "what" properties are "what"?

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