[messages] [Module Design] Re: How to display value of a Global Property in a label?

mkiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Mon Oct 18 03:53:44 MST 2010

Oops, you're right.  $pieceName$ is set internally by the Text Label
trait.  My fault.  Otherwise, it really is $PieceName$.  Kind of ugly.

However, in your original post, you used the variable $Number$ which is
not the same as $numbers$.  However, $pieceName$ should work.  Does it
work if you only have $pieceName$ as your label?  That is, after all,
the default.

- M.

"jungleboie" wrote:
> $numbers$ was defined in a layer for a counter showing ship#. -this
> isn't important at this time as i am just playing with it.
> On the $pieceName$- this one i am trining to understand.  for one,
> that is how it is spelled in the insert tab of the format part of the
> label window. two, tried changing the cases, to see if if there is a
> typo in my properties. i am looking to do this as most counters have a
> name attached to them (Piece wise) and am looking to use the label as
> a placeholder so a player can rename the counter if they like, but
> graphicly would like the counter to start with the $pieceName$ on the
> counter as a default.
> is there a way of looking at properties as a list? so you can see what
> is going on as far as "what" properties are "what"?

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