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Timothy Mccarron timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 18 12:16:51 MST 2010

ok , you want to use as is but it wont load. You can fix that. Right click the 
extension in Module Manager and select edit extension - puts you into the editor
Click on the little pencil / pad icon (Extension properties) and make sure the 
check mark is on in the dialog box to allow loading with any module.

Save the box, then save the extension, close and try again.

This time it will load. Now whether or not all the functions work properly from 
the extension is a different matter due to construction of key commands 
clashing, properties etc.. but if its pretty basic should work

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Unable to load extension Marathon.vmdx: Extension 'Marathon' was built
for module GBoH I: Great Battles of Alexander Deluxe
- Deactivating extension Marathon.vmdx

Well it was worth a try!  I guess I have to work with Joshua to get this

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