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eekamouse joel.eddy at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 22:58:08 MST 2010

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Sorry to bump this, but I just grabbed an older version of my module,
that was a stable release from a week or two ago, and went to add "Allow
specific cards to be drawn to a couple of the decks in the game", but it
didn't show up when I ran the game, but it's still marked as true in the

I then pulled down another card game from the Modules page, and found a
deck, enabled it, and it worked fine.

Is there any setting or something somewhere else than the setting itself
that would prevent it from working? It doesn't seem to be working on any
of the decks in my module for some reason. Same with the other issues I
mentioned in the OP.

Thanks. (sorry for the bump, I won't bump anymore)

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