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george973 george973 at btinternet.com
Sun Oct 24 03:59:01 MST 2010

I'm not sure how you handling zooms etc in your cache but would it be an
idea to tile the map images when they are loaded in the editor and save
the tiles in the module (instead of the whole image) at zoom = 1.0.

You could then serve the tiles from the module or if that is too slow
extract the tiles at startup or just save each tile locally after the
first use.

This would avoid filling the user disk with vast numbers of
tiles/directories from different games and fix any naming problems (the
tile files could be named image0tile0x0, image0tile0x1 and so on.
Downside would be needing to keep tile objects (but not the image part)
for every active map in memory all the time and user would need to
reconstruct map image to edit it (if he didn't keep a copy). Imagesaver
could do that with an empty map of the board required

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