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LtGustl edb41nl at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 24 17:20:32 MST 2010

"Melchior" wrote:
> My wife and I are interested in trying BSG via PBeM (hard to find a
> 3-4 hour chunk of time with an 8 month old).  Not certain how much
> we'll lose with no table-talk, but the module just came out, so why
> not give it a try?  I'd prefer to start things off without the
> expansion, but if nobody's interested in the original we'll use it.
> I'll go ahead and start it up once we have 5 players (so, 3 more), but
> if it takes a really long time to get people we may start it with only
> 4.  We're not interested in starting with less than 4 players.
> I've never tried a highly conversational game PBeM, so if anyone has
> tips let me know.

Hi there, I'm game! I have the board game and the expansion, so no
probs! I'll try to get a collegue of mine interested as well :-)
Will be in touch.
Lt. Gustl

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