[messages] [Module General Discussion] Re: Help in opening downloaded modules

mycenae ed at crucible.cc
Mon Oct 25 18:37:06 MST 2010

Are you double-clicking on the downloaded module to open it?
Unfortunately, on some Macs what happens is, the Mac OS recognizes the
module as a zipped file and runs the Archive Utility, which just unzips
the file instead of launching Vassal. 

If this is what's happening to you, then instead of launching the
module, you will get a folder (for example, Game Folder) named after the
module with a bunch of files inside (one of which is called BuildFile, a
folder called Images, and some other files.) That's the guts of the
module, unzipped.

Because of this, It's better to launch Vassal itself. and then launch
the module from the module manager by selecting it from the list. If
it's not on the list, pick File > Open Module to add it.

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